Fish Attractant

Want to avoid your spouse, siblings, friends, boss and neighbors? Just apply a few drops of Check Your Stink behind your ears and they'll scatter! But, if your mission is to catch bass and other game fish, just apply to our jig trailers and get ready for some action as this natrual scent will draw them in! The Loaded For Bass laboratory has been hard at work and developed a fish attractant formula that is specifically designed to absorb and hold with our trailers! Head on down to the water, Check Your Stink and get ready to hook up with Mr. Bass!



Check Your Stink
Per Pack   1


4oz bottle
PRICE $5.99
Reg $7.49 



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"We just got back from camp -Taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge, NWT, Canada- after another week of catching trophy northern pike. I suggest you add that species to your list of species that go crazy for your baits! The Pact Strip is by far the single best trailer that we have ever used in camp! Indestructible time and time again."
- Jamie R, Chicago IL