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                   Get Your Line Stretched!



Loaded For Bass Sudden IN-PACT  jig and spinnerbait trailers are unlike any pork or soft plastics being used. Our baits hold MORE fish attractant and LONGER. Each bait is handmade in the USA from a natural and synthetic blend material that is supple, absorbent and Biodegradable! They are extremely durable. They won't dry out like pork or break off easily and the scent will not wash off after the first cast. The ULTIMATE Pork Trailer Alternative!

Jig trailer

                                           Crazy Gauge Spinnerbaits
                   Power Finesse Spinnerbaits providing Better Strike to Hook-up ratios

Bass fishing Spinnerbait

Jig Trailers have been Featured in BASS  ANGLER and BASSIN' Magazines!

Bas Angler Magazine Bassin' Magazine
Bassin' Magazine ICast
Striper Fishing Saltwater Fishing
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